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We’ve Moved!!

30 May

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Day 19: Bernhardt Interiors

19 Nov

Very busy day at A.Clore Interiors!! In light of selecting furnishings for a new client we are going to showcase our favorite high-end furniture line. Berhnardt Interiors!

“Bernhardt Interiors allows classic and contemporary to mix and mingle and have fun in unexpected ways. And with more than 225 pieces for the whole home, this eclectic collection lets you create a style that’s all your own.”

Here is our most recent design featuring Bernhardt Interiors Furnishings:

Lancaster Arm Chairs (Bernhardt), Estelle Rectangular Mirrored Cocktail Table

Piper Tufted Back Sofa


And here are a few of our favorite pieces from Bernhardt Interiors NEW arrivals:

Cabrillo Nailhead Dresser

Landon Metal Poster Bed

Sienna Flare Upholstered Bed

Bowery Upholstered Arm Chair

Henley Dining Table (106″)

Black Petrified Chairside Table

Elwood Sofa

Helix Chairside Table

Henley Console Table

Like what you see?? Contact us for more information!!

Day 14: Our Front Porch Garden

14 Nov

Today we are giving a big thanks to our ever so beautiful front porch garden.

Can you believe its all still alive? Lol.

No, seriously though.

I am going to speak in first person because I do not think you understand how big of a deal this is…

I, Amber Clore, have a front porch garden. And it is growing – it ’tis!!

On the corner of thirteenth and park this little house sits,

with a perfect end of the day spot for calling it quits.

The smell of fresh growing basil permeates the air,

funny, its for cooking – but I think it looks just fine right there!

Around the sign, we planted some sweet potato vine.

Not the kind you can eat, but vibrant green leaves that grow through your feet.

The pink and orange bougainvillea are in full bloom, as they reach for the suns energy like a top hat plume.

The purple bell flowers are getting ready to sprout!

While thees little mum’s are all tuckered out.

The buds may be gone, but the greenery still lives on!

The table’s center features a whimsical orchid treat, and the hanging petunias are eye candy for the street!

This happy little fern, her name is Delilah.

And happily she lives above these happy weeds.

I just can not bare to pull them, even though they say to in all my reads.

This ledge on the porch gets little to no sun.

They are the only thing that grows – so I’m going to ignore that bit of advise from the pros.

My mom found this rocker on the side of the road,

one man’s trash is another man’s gold!!

And maybe a fun DIY project!

The palm had been there since before I took hold,

 it shares it’s pot with a neglected little Hosta that needed a home,

I nursed it back to life and now its twofold!

These beautiful hydrangeas grow in decorative pots, and the butterflies sure do love them, lots and lots!

Perhaps my favorite, the Vinca, also known as the Periwinkle,

grows in vibrant shades of pink, and smile when they receive a sprinkle.

Dont mistake this guy for a pineapple,

even though the same family, my guess is it tastes more like grapple.

Boxwood topiaries will greet you at the door, come on inside and see whats in the store!!

With petite roses in bloom, I smell them every day —

— and snip them occasionally for a beautiful display!


Thanks for stopping by today, are you as proud of my garden as I am?? Do share!

A “Pink” Grand Opening Soiree

30 Oct

Thursday, October 18th was quite the evening to remember. Upwards of 50 people, including the Mayor, were in attendance to celebrate the opening of our first ever showroom in downtown Sanford. No detail was overlooked. From the flowing champagne fountain and the delicious lobster bisque to the flower-englufed porch and fabulous interior decorations – the evening was set up for complete success.

Our showroom is nestled in the heart of Downtown Historic Sanford. Taking up the bottom floor of a 1930’s craftsman style home, the architectural details and layers upon layers tell the story of its existence.  From a popular bed and breakfast, to a spiritual birthing center – the “Rose Cottage” has made its mark in the historic district of Sanford. And we are thrilled to be the vehicle for the next chapter of it’s story.

As you walk up the brick laid sidewalk, you are greeted by vibrantly colorful hanging plants and flowers accompanied by lush greenery and rustic fall decor. Happy pumpkins and the like!!

We admit, gardening has never been our strong suit. But when given the opportunity, we embrace all challenges! After getting some education at the local nursery – our thumbs are green with excitement!

Our private outdoor patio features a fire pit and strung lights. Flickering lanterns line the perimeter providing a spooky yet romantic ambiance.

We certainly can not forget ACI’s official  mascot, Sir Bernard!! If he is hopping around on the porch – that means we are open!!

We just love the architectural detailing this old house has. The front door alone sets the tone for the interior of the showroom.

Here is a new twist on an fairly new trend. We found some old pane glass windows at a local estate sale then came up with a creative way to keep these historic architectural artifacts alive. Voila, instant wall and conversational art!!!

The existing chandeliers are absolutely stunning and by far our most favorite element. They certainly add the victorian touch that is reminiscent of the time period. They do not stop at the front entrance, each room has its own unique hanging fixture.

These gorgeous 6 light chandeliers mimic the entry way light. Intricate forged brass with crystal teardrops illuminate the retail space and bring a old world feel.

Continuing the style with the rest of the fixtures, the studio features a massive 8 light crystal chandelier that highlights the indigo blue coffered ceiling.

By far, our favorite fixture in the house. This fabulous victorian chandelier hangs in the kitchen and lets off just the right amount of light. We love the way the light casts the shadows of intricate metal work in each layer of the fixture.

This one, we added. It just fit perfect in the “pink” bathroom and continued the crystal theme all the way through the space. So Fancy!

After a tour through the showroom, it was time to pop the bubbly!

Me and my fabulous mother, Joy, whom I could do none without her unwavering love and support. Her knowledge, creativity and dedication to life are the inspiration that makes my wheels turn!

After some minor technical difficulty, the champagne fountain was flowing!! Everyone one grabbed a glass for a toast!!

For a personal touch, we had the A.Clore Interiors logo vinyl etched on each glass. And we couldn’t for get the pink ribbons for a little sass!

The Mayor of Sanford, Jeff Triplett, and the Commissioner, Mark McCarty spoke a few words. We were so honored to have them a part of this joyous occasion! Their words will reside with us forever. We are so excited to embark on this next chapter and are assured much success in Sanford, FL.

And with that….the PINK ribbon cut – A.Clore Interiors first showroom  is officially open for business!!

The food was fabulous!! As the menu went something like this:

Lobster Bisque with Cruton (provided by Chef Michael, Corner Cafe)

Spinach and Artichoke with Pita

Red Chili Spread over Brie on Crispy Cracker

Shrimp and Asparagus in a Remoulade Sauce

Prosciutto with Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Walnuts and Balsamic Glaze on Endive

and other assorted Hors D’oeuvres…

Yummmm!! Although, I did not have a chance to try any as I was busy….

….kissing babies….

….and shaking hands….

Before we knew it, the event was over, but the love and support lingered in the evening air for hours after. So many amazing people showed up and made this night one of the most memorable to date. Thank you for your kind support, it is truly cherished.

My Mom, Joy, and Sisters, Kelly and Samara.

The adorableness that are my niece and nephews, Olivia and Isaac (Deagan not pictured).

My best friend, Megahn.

Some of most wonderful colleagues I have been lucky to meet along the path that is my design career. Jenna Roebke, Virtue Wilmot, and Marisol Roman.

My Design Coordinator, Jenny Jaynes….I see big things in our future!

The man behind the woman, my amazing boyfriend, Jason Ridlehuber.

Thanks to for taking the time to read the first post!! Check back for more stories, design, fashion, and home living tips as I discover the world of Blogging!!

Until next time, with Love,