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Day 30: Sanford Holiday Tour of Homes

2 Dec

A little late, but here is what we were up to on the last day of giving thanks for design.

A day spent setting up our table scape for the Sanford Historic Trust Holiday Tour of Homes. Thats a mouthful, and it was certainly an event to match. Nearly 900 people spent their Friday evening walking the streets of Historic Downtown Sanford. The weather was perfect and the homes were cheerfully decorated to the nine. Here are are a few shots that I took with my iPhone – not the best quality, but you will get the picture. I will have to gather the pictures that my sister took with her Nikon and post them this week!


The concept of An Urban Christmas for Two is simple…Anything Goes. We used mixed media to create an eclectic and worldly atmosphere. Setting the mood with lots of candles and creatively strung lights.

Reflective Perspective A.Clore Interiors

We wanted to set the table with a simple elegance. No table cloths or runners, just the exposed wood trestle table we had donated from Washburn Imports. The setting was silver square chargers with gold rimmed Noritake China and atop we used an antique birds nest to tie in a natural element. Gold rimmed wine glasses accompanied by silver accessories create a subtle sense of glamour.

Birds Eye View A.Clore Interiors

IMG_6908 copy

The raffle table was illuminated from below creating a romantic ambiance and also provided a space to showcase some of my mothers body soaps. Six months ago, she launched her own brand of all natural bath and body products named Submerge. She graciously put together a “Stress-Less Bucket ” filled with samplings off all her products. On the table I used one of my favorite Frank Lloyd Wright quotes:

FLW Quote A.Clore Interiors

skirt the rules A.Clore Interiors

The accessory table vignette showcased a variety of different design elements. Here we said to “Skirt the Rules” – its okay to mix Silver and Gold, Old and New, White and Cream, Masculine and Feminine, Rustic and Chic. What some say you are not supposed to do…..we did.

Opposites Attract A.Clore Interiors

Barbed Backdrop A.Clore Interiors


This backdrop was the focal point of the scape. Put together with some supplies at home depot, some creativity and a little time – we created this awesome backdrop for only $20! Rebar, Barbed Wire, Bed Sheets and Christmas lights…voila!!

DIY Backdrop A.Clore Interiors

Hope you enjoyed our sneak peak into this weekends festivities. We will do a feature with the professional photos that were taken during the day tour soon!!! So check back!




Day 17: Secret Places

17 Nov

There is no hard and fast rule as to what makes a secret place. Beauty, by its very nature, is subjective. Our criterion is a simple one: we must feel at home, we must feel good to be there.

A secret place represents an escape from reality, a chance for the human psyche collect and recharge. Whether its curled up with a good book in your favorite chair, reciting a mantra in your private meditation room, or tending to a rooftop garden – this place should thought provoking and embody a sense of calmness.


For the first time in a long time I was able to just stop for a moment – and collet my thoughts. It felt good as I found my self standing alone in the middle of the sweetest little lady’s secret garden.

I am sure you are wondering why I am standing in the middle of this secret garden, Sarah’s Secret Garden.

I was invited to provide a table scape that will be displayed in the secret garden during the Holiday Tour of Homes – a tradition in Sanford. I went there today to gather inspiration. A left with a feeling of rejuvination! (and a lot of ideas!)

What started with “Ill just take some photo’s and be on my way.” Turned into a loong moment of meditation. Take a look at Sarah’s Secret Garden from my perspective and enjoy 🙂

How could I not stop and take a moment here? The beautiful black and yellow butterflies swarmed me AND I was able to grab the inspiration needed for the design of the table-scape! As well as a moment of meditation to myself. A big THANKS for that!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

What is your secret place? Do share!!

Day 14: Our Front Porch Garden

14 Nov

Today we are giving a big thanks to our ever so beautiful front porch garden.

Can you believe its all still alive? Lol.

No, seriously though.

I am going to speak in first person because I do not think you understand how big of a deal this is…

I, Amber Clore, have a front porch garden. And it is growing – it ’tis!!

On the corner of thirteenth and park this little house sits,

with a perfect end of the day spot for calling it quits.

The smell of fresh growing basil permeates the air,

funny, its for cooking – but I think it looks just fine right there!

Around the sign, we planted some sweet potato vine.

Not the kind you can eat, but vibrant green leaves that grow through your feet.

The pink and orange bougainvillea are in full bloom, as they reach for the suns energy like a top hat plume.

The purple bell flowers are getting ready to sprout!

While thees little mum’s are all tuckered out.

The buds may be gone, but the greenery still lives on!

The table’s center features a whimsical orchid treat, and the hanging petunias are eye candy for the street!

This happy little fern, her name is Delilah.

And happily she lives above these happy weeds.

I just can not bare to pull them, even though they say to in all my reads.

This ledge on the porch gets little to no sun.

They are the only thing that grows – so I’m going to ignore that bit of advise from the pros.

My mom found this rocker on the side of the road,

one man’s trash is another man’s gold!!

And maybe a fun DIY project!

The palm had been there since before I took hold,

 it shares it’s pot with a neglected little Hosta that needed a home,

I nursed it back to life and now its twofold!

These beautiful hydrangeas grow in decorative pots, and the butterflies sure do love them, lots and lots!

Perhaps my favorite, the Vinca, also known as the Periwinkle,

grows in vibrant shades of pink, and smile when they receive a sprinkle.

Dont mistake this guy for a pineapple,

even though the same family, my guess is it tastes more like grapple.

Boxwood topiaries will greet you at the door, come on inside and see whats in the store!!

With petite roses in bloom, I smell them every day —

— and snip them occasionally for a beautiful display!


Thanks for stopping by today, are you as proud of my garden as I am?? Do share!