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24 Headboard Ideas for Day 24

25 Nov

I did a post this week about a knowledgeable headboard, but noticed that the picture did not come through, so here it is:

Below are 24 other headboard ideas we like:

Day 23: Murray Moss

25 Nov

Back, but with his same refined sense of style, Murray Moss opens his new midtown loft high-design gallery in New York called Moss Bureau.

Moss says, “Im inviting you backstage.”

Here are the photos from ID Mag:

Richard Woods’s woodblock print on wooden door and a clock by Maarten Baas.

Peter Marigold’s shelves and table in painted Douglas fir.

Johannes Nagel’s stoneware sculpture.

Hella Jongerius’s glazed porcelain vase embroidered with cotton thread.

Cathy McClure’s Bots rings of sterling silver and toy eyes.

More works by McClure.

A polished-brass vase by Michael Anastassiades.

Day 22: Chevron Pattern

25 Nov

The past couple days have been filled with so much love and joy!

Have you missed us?

With no time to sit down at the computer, we give you a quick view of some design elements we have been thankful for this weekend.

Chevron Pattern:

This “V” shaped fret, or pattern, has become quite popular in design over the past few seasons. Dating back to before christ, the chevron pattern has been used in the military to indicate ranking or years of service. We use this bold pattern in design to create a strong impact and add visual interest to a space. Here are some examples of chevron we love: