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Sitcom Spotlight: Suburgatory

12 Nov

After reading the freshly pressed post from crunchings & munchings about why you should watch ABC’s hit show Suburgatory today, I decided to get caught up on the latest happenings in Chatswin, NY!

 The plan was to watch the first episode.

The plan failed.

In turn, I am all caught up.

That’s the thing about DVR and a good show…you get hooked!

I love everything about the show. From its brilliant writing to the quirky talent — and especially the over the top set design!

Take a look at this fabulously outrageous nursery:

Yep, thats a baby crib. It is awesome — and a little reminiscent of the 90’s ABC show “Dinosaurs”

You would have to understand a little bit of the background of the story to fully understand the reason behind the unique design of this nursery. One of the characters, Noah Werner (played by Alan Tudyk), is a single dad to a new baby this season. He clearly has a great sense of style…the function part is to be desired. Haha.

Regardless, I really like the concept and overall design of this room. It has a very eclectic variety of elements that capture both modern and traditional nursery design. And I don’t think I have seen anything quite like it.

So there you have it, my very first “Sitcom Spotlight”! I love looking for design on tv and in the movies and secretly wish to have the pleasure of one day designing my own set!! You can look forward to more of these fun tidbits of boob tube snapshots to come!!


I am loving this blog gig, are you loving them as much as me?

Day 12: Five Senses of Holiday Design

12 Nov

[Restoration Hardware]

We are gearing up for the holiday season here at A.Clore Interiors.

What does that mean?

Well, it means a lot of things. First and foremost, a new showroom to decorate!!

Then, a table-scape setting for the Historic Sanford Holiday Tour of Homes [located at the Secret Garden stop]

And to finish it all off, a White Winter themed holiday party at A.Clore Interiors [still in the planning stages]

When it comes to planning a successful holiday party. It is important that you create the perfect festive mood for your guests. To do so, you must appeal to each of their five senses:

1. Sight: Delight their eyes with color, contrast (textural or visual), and your individual sense of style. We like to think of holiday decorating as a large personal art project; one you create to inspire, to entice and to bring joy to family and friends.

2. Scent: Fragrance is a powerful mood changer, use it to your advantage by using scents associated with happy memories and the holiday season. Some fragrances to try: cinnamon apple and fresh baked apple pie.

3. Hearing: Fill the room with happy, festive music that captures the essence of the season. Admittedly, we dust this one off every christmas and is one of our favorites. NSYNC!

4. Taste: Yummy treats are expected. This is no time for ‘diet food’. The holiday season is the much anticipated break from “being good” – indulge your guests with rich and decadent cuisine.

5. Touch: Help them relax and enjoy the event by creating a comfortable environment with soft pillows and throws.

We are super excited about applying this concept to our White Winter party and thankful that good design and preparation will forever include the 5 senses we use everyday.

What are your plans for the holidays??